Thursday, October 28, 2010

Narconon Students Acquire Skills To Take Control of Their Lives

Narconon students acquire skills to take control of their lives, make amends for wrong doings they had committed in the past, due to substance abuse. Students are given the life skills to enable them to confront their problems in the future without returning to drugs and or alcohol as an escape. This is in direct contrast to numerous conventional drug treatment programs, which tell addicts that they are powerless over their addiction and life’s. All Narconon students are rehabilitated from the ground up. When our graduates return home, their families can barely believe they’re the same person that was a mere shell just a few months earlier. During their enrollment in our program, students are completely detoxified from drugs and toxins in order to renew physical health and eliminate physical cravings. Consecutive, the student is rehabilitated mentally, socially and spiritually. Addressing and treating each aspect of what it is to be a human gives our clients the best chance available anywhere at having a drug free life.

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