Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vistabay Holistic Rehabilitation

As the staff at Vista Bay Rehabilitation Center work to clean up the addict's body, they also work with the addict to clean up his behavior. Unlike conventional drug rehabilitation, the Narconon philosophy doesn't teach that an addict is powerless over his addiction. Instead, through cognitive therapy, the program has the addict look at his lifestyle and the decisions he has made. Once he recognizes and accepts how his behavior led to a life of addiction, he learns new life skills that allow him to regain his self-worth and function as a sober member of society.

VistaBay Rehabilitation

The Vista Bay drug rehabilitation program begins with a physical detoxification. The body of a long-time addict loses its ability to rid itself of drug residues. These residues, also called metabolites, sit in fatty tissue until they are released months, sometimes years, after the actual drug use. When these metabolites are released into the blood stream, they trigger mental and physical cravings for the drug. Unlike conventional drug rehabilitation, Vista Bay uses sauna therapy to sweat out the metabolites, so that they will not be released into the blood stream later. Vitamins and exercise are also an important part of the Vista Bay drug rehabilitation program, as they lead to a reduction or elimination of physical cravings and improved mental abilities.